Members Galleries


A small portfolio of members photos of woodturning, pyrography and scroll sawn art or craft work for inclusion in this website.

TAWA regularly fields enquiries from members of the general public regarding items of woodturning etc, who makes them, or for requests for general or specialist woodturning etc.

In response to those requests TAWA is compiling a register and portfolio of photos of its members work for inclusion on this website and as a photo display album for use at demonstration days etc so that TAWA can satisfy those requests and enquiries.

If you wish to participate please forward

  • a very short resume of your work
  • a list of your specialities or preferences
  • high resolution digital photos
  • and if you wish others to contact you - a contact number or email address,

Inclusion in the TAWA register is available only to members of TAWA , participation in this gallery area is voluntary. The inclusion (or omission) of a members works etc is not to be construed as a recommendation or otherwise of a members work.